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Modern Kitchens

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen that has a sleeker, cleaner look, a modern style may be just what you’re looking for. Modern kitchen designs also accommodate today’s busy lifestyles quite well. Tidy corners and a simplistic appearance also define a modern kitchen. But be advised that to pull off a modern kitchen you’ll need to choose wisely when blending all the features. Use these ideas:

  • Cabinets. Frameless, flat-paneled styles work well and provide a clean, organized look. Modern kitchens feature cabinet handles over knobs, with clean lines as a rule.
  • Appliances. You’ll need the latest electronic gizmos to match the feel of a modern space. Stainless steel appliances work well, and many homeowners are incorporating sustainable appliances and retractable counter outlets in their modern kitchen designs.
  • Kitchen accessories. Clean lines and neat angles dominate modern kitchens, so that’s the look you’ll want to achieve when it comes to smaller kitchen add-ons. Simplistic kitchen accessories are the rule within a modern kitchen décor.
  • Color scheme. If you’re into bright, bold colors a modern kitchen may be what you need. White also works well in a modern style, as it gives a crisp, clean look.

Is a Modern Style Right for You?

Choosing the right custom dream kitchen style for your lifestyle, décor and budget can be difficult, and at the Princeton Home Center we understand those challenges. To find out if a traditional kitchen design will work best for your needs, stop by our 5,000 square-foot showroom in Princeton and browse our traditional kitchen displays. While you’re there, you can also speak to one of our kitchen design consultants about your goals. And when you’re ready to get started on your exciting custom dream kitchen, feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation price quote if we can be of assistance.

  • High End Manufactures:Omega, Shrock
  • Middle Range:Golden Home, Wolf
  • Project On The Budget:Golden Home