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A mudroom serves as a high traffic buffer between the outside world and your home’s interior, which is ideal for kids and pets. Mudrooms are also great for reducing clutter, as they create space to stow away sporting equipment, shoes, wet clothing and more. Larger homes and bigger families benefit most from mudrooms, so depending upon the available space you have a number of flexible design options are possible. From smaller mudrooms to larger designs, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Storage space needed. Neater homes start with adequate storage, and a mudroom delivers the convenient space you need. Depending on the size of your home and family, your personal mudroom space can be tailored to best reflect your busy lifestyle.
  • Organization and tidiness goals. Decide how the design of your new mudroom can best improve the organization and neatness within the home.
  • Reducing your cleaning needs. A new mudroom will significantly reduce the amount of dirt and mud that’s tracked into your living space. Think about how and where you want your mudroom designed to maximize that reduced cleaning benefit.


Many larger homes today feature bars, as they provide a great spot to entertain guests, hangout after a long day, or watch your favorite team play on the big screen. When you’ve decided upon a bar for your home, consider these points when planning it out:

  • Available space. Bars can occupy an entire room, like your basement, or be as simple as a converted closet space. Will it be part of a home theater area? Do you plan on entertaining many guests, or will it be more for you and your spouse to enjoy?
  • Style. What design will match your home’s motif? Bars can be built that run the gamut from traditional to modern, so decide which theme works best.
  • Storage. How much storage space will you need for entertaining, or merely to stow away liquor bottles and food serving ware when not in use? To create space, you can use cabinets with or without doors, drawers and other accessories. Many homeowners order custom built cabinets for their bar areas based upon their intended theme.

When You Need Some Room Design Ideas…

Planning the right mudroom, bar or other home space can oftentimes be confusing. When you need some fresh ideas, call the team at the Princeton Home Center. We have free design consultants available to assist you, and if you’re interested we also provide free price quotes for every step in the design-to-installation process. For more information, contact the remodeling specialists at the Princeton Home Center today!

  • High End Manufactures:Omega, Shrock
  • Middle Range:Wolf
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