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Custom Bathrooms

Second only in daily use to your kitchen, a home bathroom serves many functions. And when it’s time to replace the vanity, you have many options to choose from based on your lifestyle and décor. Would a double vanity work better when getting ready in the morning? Would a marble, glass or ceramic vanity top best match the spa-like atmosphere of the room? Much like kitchen spaces, bathrooms today have evolved to reflect individual tastes and personalities.

To start with, you’ll need to choose between a freestanding or built-in style. Freestanding vanities are best for smaller spaces and come in numerous styles. Built-in options work well for larger bathrooms while affording more countertop space and storage. Here are some additional vanity features to consider:

  • Topped or topless. Some vanities come with a pre-manufactured top, or you can buy one without a top and choose your own. When you purchase one with a built-in top, you’re limited to certain top materials and color choices. Purchasing a top separately gives you more decorating flexibility due to the numerous material choices and colors.
  • Style. Based on the overall room design, vanities come in styles including romantic, traditional, transitional, contemporary and modern to match your décor.
  • Storage and drawers. How much storage do you need, especially if your bathroom will be used by kids and/or guests? You’ll be able to choose from vanities that feature different types of shelving and drawers for storing linens, grooming supplies and more.
  • Materials and construction. Just like kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities can be constructed from different materials and by using varying design features that result in quality, durability and appearance differences based on how much you want to spend.

Is a Modern Style Right for You?

With all the bathroom vanity options out there, it can seem overwhelming at times. When you have questions about choosing the right vanity for your custom bathroom project and budget, contact us at the Princeton Home Center and one of our design consultants will reliably walk you through the vanity selection process while putting your mind at-ease. We also offer free, no obligation price quotes when you need help with any phase of your bathroom remodel.

  • High End Manufactures:Omega, Shrock
  • Middle Range:Wolf, Fabuwood
  • Project On The Budget:Aotin