About Us

About Us

Why We Started the Princeton Home Center

Every company has a starting point and story. Ours began back in 2009 with a family kitchen renovation. We spent three months gutting the space, installing new cabinets, shopping for new sinks, appliances and installing utilities; all in an effort to ensure everything looked just right.

But by the end of the project, we were over budget and the kitchen looked nothing like what we’d imagined! We were all frustrated and downright disappointed. After all, why should a top-quality kitchen have to cost as much, or even more, than a new car?

Deep down, we knew that we weren’t the only people with this problem. There had to be a better way to balance costs, quality and matching expectations with outcomes. After some careful contemplation, we decided to do something about this problem, and soon thereafter the Princeton Home Center was born!


What we learned from our remodeling experience was with today’s selection of products and services, it’s hard to find exactly what you want that also looks good, lasts for many years, and is also affordable. We further discovered that there existed very little middle ground between $40,000 high-end luxury kitchens, and the low-end, $1,500 ones.

At that point, our goal became turning a personal disappointment into an opportunity to benefit numerous families. And that’s why we ultimately made the decision to create the Princeton Home Center; because you shouldn’t have to choose between price, quality or design. Since that time onward, it’s been our mission at the PHC to make it possible to get all three!



As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that what homeowners are seeking is value, and that’s why we follow the “golden” rule of: Better, not cheaper. In other words, we don’t cut corners when it comes to functionality, durability or materials. We ultimately save you hard-earned dollars by being more efficient than the competition in how we design, manufacture, distribute and assemble kitchens for customers. In the end, that overall efficiency allows you to enjoy $20,000 worth or value for roughly one fourth of the cost!


Our goal is to operate so well that you’ll want to recommend us to others. We use an approach built upon the business pillars of high-quality, durable materials, unbeatable customer service: all while delivering the best value to you. And when it comes to care and final assembly, we also strive to provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions that help you (or one of our certified contractor partners) make your investment last for as long as possible.


The team at the PHC knows that your kitchen is a big investment; one you don’t want to redesign every few years. That’s why we try to balance long-lasting designs with the latest kitchen trends. More importantly, there’s only one person whose opinion about the design truly matters… you, the valued customer. We intently listen to your goals, budget and passion, and then focus on manufacturing the products that best answer those needs.


Thank you for choosing Princeton Home Center as your kitchen cabinet provider. We’re a small business, and every customer matters to us. We’re always ready to listen to your comments, concerns, and questions. Get in touch: (800) 245-8756 or service@princetonhomecenter.com

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